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Name Amputechture 16/03/30(Wed)11:34 No.28834  
Happy birthday Rei
>> Name Anonymous 16/03/30(Wed)13:03 No.28835  
Happy birthday, Rei.
>> Name Anonymous 16/03/31(Thu)00:52 No.28838  
Happy Birthday!
>> Name Anonymous 16/03/31(Thu)10:24 No.28839  
I don't even like Rei, but I'd still go to her birthday party, this is sad. But I'm just a big softie...
>> Name Anonymous 16/03/31(Thu)10:31 No.28841  
Maybe if more kids had gone to her party, she would have been less vindictive when she exterminated the human race.
>> Name Anonymous 16/03/31(Thu)12:35 No.28842  
happy birthday rei!

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