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Name Anonymous 15/05/31(Sun)17:10 No.26448   [Reply]

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Name DeadGuyKai 15/05/31(Sun)04:11 No.26447   [Reply]

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Name DeadGuyKai 15/05/31(Sun)04:10 No.26446   [Reply]

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Name DeadGuyKai 15/05/31(Sun)04:08 No.26445   [Reply]

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Name Anonymous 15/05/30(Sat)19:01 No.26442   [Reply]
NewType May Issue

->8. Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Top 10 Female Characters:
1. Asuna (Sword Art Online)
2. Saber (Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works)
3. Rin Tohsaka (Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works)
4. Uzuki Shimamura (The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls)
5. Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier)
6. Ange (Cross Ange)
7. Rin Shibuya (The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls)
8. Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
9. Aoi Miyamori (Shirobako)
10. Lachesis Fatima (Five Star Monogatari)
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/30(Sat)19:30 No.26443  
>20 years since eva aired

>rei still in the top 10
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/30(Sat)22:58 No.26444  
Well, none of the other EVA characters were present.

Another "old" character there is Lachesis Fatima at #10.

Although there might be some new thigns there, I don't know.

File : 1432934337146.jpg-(160144 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Name DeadGuyKai 15/05/30(Sat)06:18 No.26440   [Reply]
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/30(Sat)12:01 No.26441  
Looks like I got to 'shop her legs in again.

File : 1432867059902.jpg-(1126298 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Name DeadGuyKai 15/05/29(Fri)11:37 No.26439   [Reply]

File : 1432758642901.png-(922011 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
922011 B
Name DeadGuyKai 15/05/28(Thu)05:30 No.26429   [Reply]
>> Name Rei 15/05/29(Fri)05:24 No.26437  
>tfw boobs are so big they make you hunch forwards

File : 1432757933910.jpg-(314262 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
314262 B
Name DeadGuyKai 15/05/28(Thu)05:18 No.26424   [Reply]
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/28(Thu)15:24 No.26435  
What a qt 3.14
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/28(Thu)19:41 No.26436  
Qt - Pi
Cutie Pie

File : 1432071101137.jpg-(834245 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
834245 B
Name DeadGuyKai 15/05/20(Wed)06:31 No.26367   [Reply]
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/23(Sat)12:54 No.26395  
Two OldRei's, or OldRei and ReiQ? I prefer the latter option. All hail Best Girl!
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/24(Sun)00:38 No.26396  
It's Rei Q, and if you like the garbage that is Rei Q, why don't you fuck off to your containmentboard over at /ReiQ/?
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/24(Sun)02:43 No.26398  
Because your tears are delicious, and the existence of that board is the stupidest thing ever.

Any single picture on here could actually be Best Girl dressed up in different clothing. Maybe they ALL are. You'll never know!

Sweet dreams.
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/24(Sun)05:36 No.26402  
Whatever, autist.
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/25(Mon)11:47 No.26411  
Suggestion to Anno: Put ReiQ in a school uniform next time. Is there anything that would put Rei-hadists on the ledge more quickly, knowing that EVERY single picture of Rei in her uniform could potentially be ReiQ? Their next demand would be for the creation of a board housing nothing but OldRei pictures made before the date of Final's release. And they'd still have the nerve to call other people "autist".

Do it Anno. You're great about giving "fans" what they deserve.
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/25(Mon)15:59 No.26413  
For fuck's sake faggot, I know nearly all the images that were ever drawn and almost all their authors.

I can tell pokanami from Ayanami, poka has red orb on her chest and her uniform is not green but blue. I will be able to tell which art is done before the final and which was after.

Multiple characters should go to /general though
And youy should go back tp your native board be that mari or asuka or general, whatever. You're too stupid to be a reifag, totally unconvincing.
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/25(Mon)16:35 No.26414  

>he's still butthurt about /rei-q/ being made

>> Name Anonymous 15/05/26(Tue)01:31 No.26417  

You're the only one who cares about that "potentially Rei Q" nonsense.

Give it a rest autismo. If you hate Rei so much, there's an entire board for you called /Rei Q/ . That or asuka or male characters, whichever you choose.
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/28(Thu)13:05 No.26433  
It's you posers who have a problem with Rei, not me. Best Girl is the purest incarnation of the character in the entire history of the franchise. Deep down, you all know that your bigotry based on the color of her plugsuit is unjust, and it twists you up inside.

Your "separate but equal" system, your vile Rei-partheid, has been cast aside in every civilized corner of the globe. True justice will not come until we realize that ALL Reis are equal in the eyes of Lilith. I have a dream that we will one day live in a nation where Reis will not be judged by the number of their cloning, but by the identical color of their skin!
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/28(Thu)15:16 No.26434  

A comedian that's not funny, how sad.

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