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File : 1396559495863.jpg-(109073 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
109073 B
Name Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)06:11 No.20373   [Reply]
She wears pain with most possible beuaty.
What is it? Strength? Dignity? Martyrship?

For some reason I'm just fascinated by Rei when she's suffering. She... ermm... does it a way better than anyone else.
If I was the boss I';d give her the hardest job and be sure that it's gonna be done well and right by the most competent person.
Marked for deletion (old).
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)08:12 No.20389  
Strength has many definitions, resilience towards adversity and will to use your strength when needed is for Rei.

It's beautiful because Rei "wears" pain without getting overwhelmed by it, but never in a way which makes you think that she isn't suffering.

She's still vulnerable, but there's always a dignity in Rei's suffering. She'll take it head on without questioning, even though she knows it'll hurt her.

I hate it when Rei suffers. There's a difference between emotional and physical pain, and Rei has plenty of both.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)18:14 No.20405  
Hm. The first word seems somehow lacking/not enough, the latter two seem to cheapen it a bit, lying on the floor because you're in too much of a mess is not dignified or pretty, yet, she would probably still have tried to carry out her job if someone had carried her to the entryplug.

'Preserverance' or 'tenacity' would imply she somehow shrungs it off or gets through with less physical or emotional harm than you might expect, but that's not it - She does suffer, she just doesn't let her stop it.

She just makes herself do it, and it makes you wish you could offer her a comfy chair and say, "You've done enough, you can rest now, and also recieve your well-earned hugs."

'stoicism' or 'determination' would probably be the cosest descriptions, although I wish I coul come up with something that looks more original.

File : 1396554772700.jpg-(105037 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
105037 B
Name Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)04:52 No.20371   [Reply]
I remember that when I saw that pic I didn't save because "too lewd"(mom gonna find porn and scold me) but it impressed me a lot, and after a while I tried to find it and couldn't find, kept requesting for almost a year before someone found it for me. That was 4 years ago.

Are you feeling like you're making a collection when you save pics?
How important are they to you?

Also there was a sexy pic of bunny Yuki where you could see her tits because bunnisuit cups were much bigger that her breasts, I'm still sad I couldn't find that.
Marked for deletion (old).
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)06:11 No.20372  
I just save everything. 36,337 files and rising.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)06:18 No.20374  
I have 2000 images this far and I till remember where are the most importan ones.

But it starts getting tough, i guess I should start categorizing them into different folders like: suit, uniform, naked, bandages, sad, happy, funny etc.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)06:32 No.20384  
Wait, you mean there's explicit pictures being posted here? Haven't seen a lot actually for a while, except in /torrents/.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)06:38 No.20385  
No I meant THIS pic, it has tits you know.

6 years ago I was 15 and didn't want this to be found on my PC by parents.
Right now I have White Lie doujinshi cover printed on my mosepad.
It's that I found THIS pic in my folder and remembered a fun story.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)06:40 No.20386  
In fact many pics mean somthing to me, so I was curious if they also are important to somene else.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)10:21 No.20402  
Boom, headshot?
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)18:07 No.20404  
I basically save those I like/ aren't too crappy/thrashy, but I freely admit that's just personal taste.

This place has dangerously lowered my thresholds XD

File : 1396554375721.jpg-(85864 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
85864 B
Name Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)04:46 No.20370   [Reply]
Marked for deletion (old).

File : 1396549554450.jpg-(90337 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
90337 B
Name Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)03:25 No.20367   [Reply]
Also from 2ch.
Marked for deletion (old).

File : 1396549289761.jpg-(22497 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
22497 B
Name Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)03:21 No.20366   [Reply]
From 2ch.
Marked for deletion (old).

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