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Name scuzzy#m1DHNJT5H. 15/05/02(Sat)08:30 No.1  
Worst. Website. Ever.
>> Name GF 15/05/02(Sat)08:38 No.2  
Oh shit this is a thing now

Time for sudoku
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/02(Sat)08:40 No.3  
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/02(Sat)08:43 No.4  
Weeeeeeeeeee! best girl got her own section!

Now hopefully the Qhaters wont harass us. :/
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/02(Sat)08:49 No.8  
Sorry bro, but you know the people are emotional.
Gonna be nice and quiet now.
>> Name (つ´・ω・`)つ 15/08/28(Fri)00:49 No.105  
All hail post No.1
>> Name Anonymous 15/08/31(Mon)19:59 No.106  
I get doing this just to end the bitching and get some semblance of pleasant discussion again as it didn't seem to be going away otherwise, but couldn't we put this in general? Giving her her own board seems overkill, it's not like she gets THAT much fanart. We might as well make a board for Sakura.
>> Name Anonymous 15/09/01(Tue)07:02 No.107  
Actually people in General don't want to see her either.

She's hated by Asukafags(doubly so since they are jelly about our purist movement), and Reifags and the rest.
>> Name Anonymous 15/09/01(Tue)19:04 No.108  
Not only are the Reitards... well... Reitards, but they also seem to be a bunch of masochists. Despite their idiotic "purist" movement, and their vehement declarations of hatred for Rei-Q, they just seem to be flocking to her board more and more.

On the other hand, sensible Reifags DON'T hate Rei-Q. Because we're sensible.
>> Name Anonymous 15/09/03(Thu)23:08 No.109  
>4 months

>100 posts

>> Name Anonymous 15/09/05(Sat)09:25 No.110  
>> 109

Just because they're not posting doesn't mean they're not all here lurking.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/09(Fri)22:05 No.140  
So she finally her own section now.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/23(Fri)09:48 No.146  
>No. 108

And don't care which robot it is you fap to
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/25(Sun)07:39 No.147  
Ok owner why doesn't this run on futallaby why does this run on futaba...
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/27(Tue)05:39 No.148  
> 147

I am lazy

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